All the President's Men

Derek's Darling Damsel

Chapter One

Derek Moore started The Mix, a BDSM club in Quantico, Virginia, with three other former Secret Service agents, Tyler Thomas, Link Davis, and Trent Clark, three years ago. The club was very popular. The group started it because they were all thinking of retiring within the next five years and wanted something to fall back on.
Working for the Secret Service, they all were on the same team and great buddies. The club was something they had talked about for years and was now a reality. It was the only one in the area and people came from miles around. Membership was limited and there were very strict rules that were followed. They were all close to retiring and the club seemed like the perfect thing to do next.
The assignments Derek received as a Secret Service agent were usually boring, and tonight had proven to be no exception until the arrival of Ms. Dorothy Chapman.
Derek Moore was forty-two years of age and ready to find someone to settle down with. None of the women he had been with were interested in a long-term relationship, preferring to play at the club and an occasional date, but nothing more. Not that it bothered him, he hadn’t found anyone he really wanted to spend his life with.
At six feet eight inches and almost three hundred pounds, he was very intimidating. He often scared women off. They didn’t know what a teddy bear he could be. Except when he was in the club. He was very strict and used his intimidating size to his advantage with submissives and other dominants. He always got his way.
Tonight he was assigned to protect General Fredrico Alves. The General was very formal and had sent him into the hall almost two hours ago when the reporter from The Washington Journal, Dorothy (or Dottie as she liked to be called) Chapman had arrived. Since then no one had gone in or out of the room and it was very quiet. Almost too quiet.
Derek had seen Dottie at several functions and had spoken with her several times. She was the type of woman he could go for. She was tall, five feet ten inches at least, and had curves in all the right places. What his grandmother used to call “rubenesque.” Her full, lush breasts were made to fit in his huge hands. He had dreamed of sitting her on top of him and holding her plentiful hips while sucking her nipples. But other than politeness, she had never given him the time of day.
He remembered the look on her face as he gave her the standard pat down before allowing her into the General’s suite, it was a combination of disgust and lust. If he read her signals correctly, given the right circumstances, she wouldn’t mind helping him make his dream come true.
He had another two hours before his relief arrived and he was more than ready. Maybe he could persuade little miss Dottie to join him for a drink in the hotel bar after his shift. That would be the perfect end to the night.
Imagining what else would make the night perfect, he thought he heard a muffled scream come from the General’s suite. What the hell?
Pulling his gun, he called for backup and used his key to open the door. Looking around, he saw nothing out of place in the living room, and he didn’t see the General or Dottie either.

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